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My ZE:A Bias- Moon Junyoung
Moon Junyoung
While I have been following ZE:A for awhile, ever since my friend introduced to me them, I officially truly got into them over the summer while on a road trip. I have never had a true bias before but now... I DO! This is my ZE:A bias as well as my first bias of all time


Striking a Sexy Pose

Looking Cute

Wink Spam

Wet/Sweaty Spam

His Smile is Amazing

His Cute Pout

The Tongue/Lip Biting

Others But Still as Hot

I hope everyone enjoyed viewing these as much as I did and as much as I enjoyed posting them. These aren't even half of the pictures I have of Moon Junyoung. I have, in total, roughly 268. If anyone wants more pictures let me know! I just put my favorites up right now. So please, enjoy!

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