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tree, nature

When you come to me in the dark,
I will never let you go.
In my arms you will be safe,
I will protect you from the memories.
Close your eyes and kiss my lips,
Sate yourself upon my love.
Pretend the world doesn't exist,
It can't hurt us here,
Not in the dark.
Please don't speak,
Words will destroy it all,
For this peace is fragile.
The edges crack,
With the tremble of your lips,
Whispering words I longed to hear.
I love yous never shared before,
Are whispered as the darkness shatters,
The harsh light of reality shining down.
From my arms you are pulled,
Your name frozen upon my lips.
Opening my eyes,
I realize I am alone.

Alas, it was but a dream,
And a dream it shall remain.
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