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Bleach- A World of Anger
Moon Junyoung
I don't even know how to start this rant out elegantly so I'm not even going to endeavor to do so, I'll just state it plainly:


Sometimes enough is enough. This manga is starting to remind me of Dragon Ball Z in the fact that Tite Kubo just don't know when to quit. No matter how strong the opponent is, Ichigo always manages to one up them. Even if he is at the height of power, he still manages to go one step farther. AND HIS HAIR EVEN GROWS AS HE BECOMES MORE POWERFUL! How much more like DBZ can you get?

The endings to the chapters also make me extremely angry. I know you are supposed to have a suspenseful ending to leave your reader wanting more, but Kubo is just ridiculous. There is never a concise ending, you're always left with about a hundred questions you want answered in the next chapter. However, it never happens. He drags everything out for 5-10 chapters before you have any of your questions answered. And if your lucky, it'll be more than one. And more often than not, you're only left with half answers than can change in a moments notice.

And finally... BLEACH SHOULD HAVE ENDED ABOUT 10-15 CHAPTER AGO! Kubo just keeps dragging it on. So Ichigo lost his Shinigami powers (more than once I might add) and he always managed to pull a rabbit out of his hat and gain them again (kind of like Goku and how he keeps coming back from the dead even though Shenron couldn't revive him anymore). But this new arc is just ridiculous. Kubo should have just ended it with the defeat of Aizen and the loss of Ichigo's powers. After that chapter, there should have been 1, maybe 2, chapter afterwords having Ichigo ponder about his adventures while he was a Shinigami and have him heading into the front of a university or something. But Kubo had to make another way for Ichigo to gain power and fight to "protect those important to him."

All in all, Bleach has just become too much. The power levels are beyond imagination and just don't make sense at all. The endings never truly give you anything. An event is lengthened to 4-5 chapters. You never have any questions answered directly, you have to pretty much deal with half-answers or just make inferences. And by this point, chapter 436, everything is becoming pretty predictable (new enemy, beaten, gain power, defeat enemy, repeat).

Thus, I am done with my rant about Bleach. If I'm not the only one seeing this, please let me know I'm not crazy.



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